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Most dog owners know the basics of grooming their dog, but not many of them know the ins and outs of dog bathing. Even for those who know what do, it takes them a while longer than a professional dog groomer. To be honest, bathing a dog is not as simple as it looks in movies, especially if your dog is a little less cooperative.

How often you wash your dog will mostly be determined by your dog’s breed. Longhaired breeds require more frequent baths compared to shorthaired breeds. The general recommendation is to clean your dog once or twice per month.

To make your dog cleaning affair less cumbersome and less time consuming, I have compiled a few dog bathing tips here;

1. Pick the right shampoo

There are shampoos designed specifically for bathing dogs. Do not use human shampoo because this has a different pH and ingredients. Ask your vet to recommend the best product that works for your particular breed and follow the directions. If your pet has skin conditions, you may want to request for a therapeutic shampoo that will take care of the health.

2. Collect all the tools and items in advance

It can be frustrating to get your dog wet only to realise the towel or shampoo is the other room. So collect all the supplies and items in advance before bringing in your dog. If you plan to do ear cleaning during the bath, don’t forget to collect cotton balls or mini washcloths.

3. Don’t forget the nonslip mat

You don’t want your dog slipping and falling in the tub all through the process. Whether you are using a basin or a bathtub, you can always place nonslip mat or a towel at the bottom to prevent slipping which can cause anxiety to your dog.

4. Use the power of positive association

The best trick to make your dog look forward to bath times is to associate these sessions with something fun and awesome. You can offer treats, toys and lots of love during bath times to make the process less stressful. If you are just introducing your dog to bathing, you can start by allowing your dog to hope into an empty tub and just spend some time there as you offer treats and toys.

5. Brush your dog thoroughly before bath

You can forget other dog bathing tips but not this one. Brushing your dog helps the shampoo to infiltrate into the coat as well as eliminate mats before getting your dog wet. Untangle hair and workout or cut off mats before the bath, because once you get the coat wet, it will be impossible to remove them.

6. Protect the ears

Try your best not to get water into your pet’s ears during bathing. Water in ears can be very uncomfortable and even cause infections over time. If your dog allows it, stuff some cotton balls into his ears; if not, then just try your best not to spray water into the ears.

7. Work from the neck down

Starting from the neck will ensure that you not only get water into the ears but also eyes and nose. If you don’t have a spray hose designed specifically for bathing dogs, you can simply you a bucket or cup to pour water on the dog. Use a damp washcloth to clean the face.

8. Dry correctly

Some people swear by dog blow dryers, but of course, the feel and the noise are something you have to get your dog used to. For short-haired breeds, a towel is all you need to dry your dog after a bath.
🐶By associating bath time with positivity and remaining calm during the process, you can make this another opportunity to bond with your dog and share affection. As you implement these dog bathing tips and tricks, practice a little patient to allow your dog to get used to the bathing culture gradually🐶

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